The California coastline is breathtaking. Sprinkle in some wildflowers and it’s even more special. Lucky for the Bay Area, the rains this year have brought a record wildflower season. Photographer Jeff Marsh trekked out to where the blooming land meets the sea to snap these pics. And he was kind enough to share not just the photos but how to get there for yourself.


Shark Fin Cove Beach in Davenport is one of my favorite places to visit along the coast. There are so many great beaches along Highway 1 but every spring the beautiful bloom of wildflowers makes this spot a must visit. Just steps from your car and you start to see the colors and the coastline. I tried to capture the miles of coastline and as many chamomile wildflowers as I could to illustrate this year’s epic bloom.


Top photo: The Milagra Ridge Trail is just a short hike that overlooks Sharp Park Beach but is full of colorful flowers as well as a beautiful view of the coast. Bottom photo: Mori Point is another of those must visit stops along the California coast. After a short 5–10 minute hike from your car you’re greeted with the sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing and an almost endless variety of wildflowers including these white-and-yellow Tidy Tips.

Daly City

While searching for hidden gems along the coast I spotted a sea of pink flowers among the ice plants. I parked on the side of the road for this shot and didn’t have to walk more than five feet to get it but there’s an endless amount of beautiful trails here. All of them have great views of this amazing coastline.

San Bruno

Skyline College has been like a playground for me since I was about 10 years old. I grew up just down the street and have been coming to the lookout ever since. When I started taking photos about 5 years ago I knew I had to try to capture what this place means to me through my photos. For the top shot I wanted the viewer to be focused on the poppies in the foreground but also be able to see the beautiful sunset and the expanse of the coastline behind. Bottom photo: Hairypod Cowpeas (yes, that’s their name) by night.

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