Just a regular guy and his one ton pumpkin: Napa’s Leonardo Urena took the top prize with his hefty 2175-pound pumpkin. (Photo by Charles Russo)

The annual showcase of gourd-geous gigantism set a new California record via a 2175-pound pumpkin, courtesy of a Napa farmer.

It was one for the record books.

Yes, the Coastside’s annual tradition of grand pumpkin voyeurism was highly spirited, very photogenic and just really really big. Record-setting big, in fact.

The yearly Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off—a combination of classic Americana seasonal spirit and agricultural exhibitionism—officially broke a California record for the largest pumpkin grown in-state. The winning gourd, by way of Napa farmer Leonardo Urena, tipped the scales at a whopping 2175 pounds (!!!), much to the delight of the hundreds of spectators in attendance at the I.D.E.S. Hall, in downtown Half Moon Bay.

The Six Fifty took the trip down the coast this morning to capture some oversized pics of the mass-focused festivities event. Take a look….

Weigh-off event staff inspect beneath Napa grower Reuben Frias’s massive gourd, which hit the scales at (a 2nd place-worthy) 2017 pounds. (Photo by Charles Russo)
Closeup of the 2019 champion: Leonardo Urena’s 2175-pound pumpkin. (Photo by Charles Russo)
Crowd favorite Ciny Tobek, of Olympia, Washington, waves to crowd from atop her 1736 pound pumpkin, as the four finalists were hoisted on high for the crowd to see. Tobek won the contest back in 2016. (Photo by Charles Russo)
…and the crowd goes wild. Spectators respond to the first 2000-pound pumpkin to hit the scales at the 2019 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off. (Photo by Charles Russo)
The 2019 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off involved nine pumpkins over 1000 pounds, and two over 2000 pounds. (Photo by Charles Russo)
Ciny Tobek, of Olympia, Washington, waves to the crowd after her pumpkin clocked in at 1736 pounds, a 3rd place ranking. (Photo by Charles Russo)
Go big or go….to Half Moon Bay? Leonardo Urena’s 2175-pound pumpkin took the top prize at the 2019 weigh-off. . (Photo by Charles Russo)
Napa’s Leonardo Urena reacts to the scale reading 2175 pounds for his pumpkin, granting him top prize money of $15,225. (Photo by Charles Russo)
The green jacket—signifying the 2019 winner—was awarded to Leonardo Urena of Napa. Urena also won the 2011 contest. (Photo by Charles Russo)

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