Photos: The coolest costumes (and surreal scenes) from Silicon Valley Comic Con — 2019

We sent our favorite street photographer to capture the cosplay madness in San Jose.

Photographs by Dan Fenstermacher

Well…as the prophecy foretells: the nerds will inherent the Earth.

For three days this past weekend, San Jose hosted a not-so-small legion of zealots, enthusiasts, artists, oddballs, obscurists, comic books lovers and Cthulu cultists. Jason Momoa (AKA Aquaman) was there. Greedo, too. And so was Schwarzenegger (with an entire Termintor 2 reunion!!).

Only in its fledgling fourth year, Silicon Valley Comic Con is quickly proving itself to be a must-see in a world of infinite comic cons. Started by none other than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the convention has quickly become the biggest of its kind in the Bay Area, drawing an eclectic lineup of top-tier celebrity guests, Silicon Valley scientists and local artistic talent selling their work throughout the event.

As old-school comic connoisseurs (circa the Mutant Massacre), the Six Fifty decided to team up with local ace street photographer Dan Fenstermacher to render the cosplay conviviality into images. So if you missed out, laid too low or were just too damn intimidated to approach the Sisters of Battle…we’ve got a big gallery of geek for you to look through.

Flame on!!

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