Surf n’ Turf burrito from Sancho’s.

We wanted to find the biggest burrito in Silicon Valley because, well, we’re a curious bunch.

But we also have New Year’s Resolutions (that we’re barely holding on to), so instead of devouring every burritos across the peninsula, we decided to try only the biggest ones at the best places around.

“Best” is totally arbitrary, but we had to start somewhere and Yelp seemed like the least-bad option. Searching for “best burritos in Silicon Valley,” Yelp returns as their top three: Taqueria La Espuela in Mountain View (1), Sancho’s Taqueria in Palo Alto (2), and Taqueria La Cazuela in East Palo Alto (3). The ranking’s some combination of stars, number of reviews, and Yelp’s “secret sauce.”

That became our list and so, our quest began.

At each of these spots, we asked cashiers the same, simple question, “What’s the biggest burrito you got?” Confused looks were the first response but eventually we plucked the heftiest from each menu. Here’s what we found:

Taqueria La Cazuela — East Palo Alto

Super Burrito with Al Pastor // Weighs in at 583 grams (1.28 lbs)

La Cazuela’s homey feel comes from it’s cozy interior, friendly staff, and the fact that it’s located in an actual converted house. Walk through the front door and you know you’re in the right spot when the savory smoke of carne asada surrounds you entirely. Their menu includes all the classics, but if you’re looking to venture off a bit, their chicken mole is a force to be reckoned with.

Our Super Burrito Al Pastor was juicy, the grilled onions were cooked perfectly with just the right amount of grease left on them, and the melty, gooey cheese was a welcome addition for an ingredient that usually takes a back seat to sour cream in a super burrito. ($6)

2390 Clarke Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 // (650) 289–0727 // 8a.m. — 8 p.m. Closed Sundays

Taqueria La Espuela — Mountain View

Jumbo Burrito with Carnitas // Weighs in at 733 grams (1.61 lbs)

Located half a block off Castro Street, Taqueria La Espuela should be on your list if you work or live in the area. You may have been here before thinking it was Taqueria Los Charros (that’s the name of the restaurant on their window and menus), but don’t be confused — it’s the same spot. Other than the fact that you have to pay extra for chips, La Espuela is solid all around.

The carnitas in our burrito was on the dryer side, but in a good way — fried off with just the right amount of saltiness. The lettuce (which, along with the tomato, makes this a Jumbo and not a Super burrito, get your terminology straight!) did get soggy in that heap o’ fillings, which slightly threw off the balance of an otherwise awesome burrito. ($7.95)

854 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041 // (650) 969–1464 // 6:30AM–10PM.

Sancho’s Taqueria — Palo Alto

Surf n’ Turf Super Burrito // Weighs in at 833 grams (1.83 lbs)

A Palo Alto favorite, this mega burrito was the biggest overall, but just didn’t work for us in terms of flavor. The overload of sour cream and salsa made for a creamy mess that no human, even with the sharpest of motor skills, could avoid spilling on themselves. The steak was decent, but the shrimp had a fishy finish that made us question why we put ourselves in this position. ($11.55)

491 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 // (650) 322–8226 // 10:30AM–9PM. Closed Sundays

And the king of the burritos is…

Out of these three spots, Sancho’s had the biggest burrito at 833 grams. That’s a nearly 2-pound burrito baby! But what about the cost (in dollars, not dignity)?

We know that in Silicon Valley units matter. In this case, we wanted to look at burrito grams/buck. On that measure, La Cazuela takes the trophy at 97 grams per dollar spent, with La Espuela a closed second at 92. Sancho’s comes in last at 72 grams, the heavyweight to be sure, but maybe not the biggest burrito bang for the buck.

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